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Open Shipping

Open shipments are the most common transporting method. 

This shipment type is arranged on an assortment of different trailers. These carriers can be 1, 2-4 or 8-10 car haulers. 

Single Car Hauler

Single car haulers or "hot-shots" are just as they seem to be, a one car transporter. These carrier types are usually used for intrastate hauling and inner city transports. 

2-4 Car Hauler

2-4 car haulers or "wedge" trailers are typically hooked to a Ram 3500 or F-450 dual-axle truck. These carrier types run both intrastate and interstate transports.

8-10 Car Hauler

These are the big boys. Used for cross country and interstate runs. 8-10 car carriers are used for shipping multi-car loads throughout the nation for both dealerships and individuals. These carriers also help to save money being they carry an abundance of cars, the cost per car can be less. 

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